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Cindy Campenni
via Google

I've never taken any type of martial arts class prior to joining Sunny Dojo. So far I've had the opportunity to take two classes and they were great! Professor Morgan made me feel very welcome and took the time to explain and demonstrate techniques. I have learned a lot in just two classes and cannot wait to go back again. Sunny Dojo also has a Mommy & Me class, which is awesome! I was able to bring my infant daughter and tend to her as needed.

If you're looking to get started in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I highly recommend coming to Sunny Dojo. You won't regret it!

Brian Bastien
via Google

My daughter and I have both had the pleasure of taking classes at Sunny Dojo and have learned quite a bit from Professor Morgan! I can imagine it's enough of a challenge to teach adults learning martial arts, but Professor Morgan takes it a step further with kids classes that are as fun as they are instructional. I'd highly recommend Sunny Dojo to anyone looking to get into martial arts!

Noel Ferryman
via Google

We love Sunny Dojo! My kids have been taking lessons for a year. Professor Morgan is really good with kids and keeping them focused and motivated.

Ricky R
via Google

Sunny Dojo is an awesome studio! Great atmosphere for kids and adults. Aside from just being fun the studio teaches respect and discipline while also boosting self confidence. My little one loves it! Highly recommend ?? …

David Gladson
via Google

Excellent kids program. Professor Morgan has a fantastic ability to work with kids, draw the best out of them.

Abby Ertz
via Google

This place is great! I have no idea how Professor Morgan has so much patience! He is absolutely amazing with the kids. He makes them all feel heard and seen while maintaining order in the class. Highly recommend!

Brian L.
via Yelp

If you want to start jiu-jitsu in a welcoming and open environment, Sunny Dojo is the place to be. Watching Professor Morgan teach my son and the rest of the little ones is amazing to see. He has the patience of a saint and has the ability to engage even the most stubborn of children. Watching all of the fun my 5-YO son was having had inspired me to dust off the cobwebs and join up in the adult classes. Ms. Pam also runs a tight ship and makes sure to capture some great moments to social media.

Great place to be!

Lala H.
via Yelp

Let me start off by saying that Prof. Morgan has the patience of a saint! With that said, he and Ms. Pamela have really done an amazing job of providing a welcoming, clean, safe space for kiddos (big kids & adults too) to learn the beginning fundamentals of jiu jitsu. My son (4 yrs. old) started with Sunny Dojo at the beginning of the year and we have really seen his skills and maturity improve on the mat.

Prof. Morgan takes his time with each student to make sure they feel comfortable and are able to follow along -- always in a positive and inclusive manner. I cannot say enough good things about Prof. Morgan and his way of teaching and guiding his students toward getting "better every time".

Whether you are interested for yourself or your kiddos, I highly recommend Sunny Dojo.

Alcide R.
via Yelp

I have been taking these classes with my brother for about a year and I love them! The classes are very interesting, and I've learned a lot. Professor Morgan is a very good teacher, and the dojo has a very good vibe.

Pietro C.
via Yelp

I'm currently training for three months now at Sunny Dojo; It happened thanks to my wife! We're attending Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sessions, and soon I will retake the Kick Boxing class (I had to stop for a little injury)! I have a little background competing in martial art, and I never found a dojo with such good vibes and particular attention regarding people and the class attendees! Professor Morgan and Mrs. Pamela are great people, and I often stay after classes to chat with them (it is always a pleasure for me). They are doing a great job maintaining a healthy environment with specific attention to being friendly and nice with every opponent at the dojo and with the person you have in front in general! I love attending martial arts courses, and I feel pleased about the results I have gained so far; I will undoubtedly continue to train at Sunny Dojo for a long time!

Chuck S.
via Yelp

Wonderfully supportive environment for kids. Professor Morgan is AWESOME. Patient and supportive instructor. 7 and 5 year old daughters started a few months ago and they're ALWAYS fired up for "karate" class.

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